one-click to protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. This fantastic, award-winning, free PC repair software is a "must-have" tool for your computer.

During the installation of this program, you will be suggested with the option to install and download more programs . You can choose to install these extra software or cancel. Paid Full version of Advanced SystemCare is available to download from the developers's website

Advanced SystemCare Download

An all-in-one solution that optimizes PC speed and security, Advanced System Care provides you with robust utilities that ensure the 100% functioning of your computer. From viruses to malwares, unscrupulous programmers to wannabe hackers; the risk of being a victim of cyber attacks is undeniably high. With so much at stake, we need a utility that is able to safeguard our important data.


This is what Advanced SystemCare Download is all about. Giving you that ultimate data protection, increased performance, infallible privacy and one click fixes; Advanced System Care is a must have utility on your home and office computers. Download Advanced SystemCare today and let it solve your computer’s problems and speed up its performance instantly.


 Advanced SystemCare


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Protection

Advanced SystemCare includes a comprehensive collection of tools and applications whose main purpose is to protect your computer from malicious attacks.


With its carefully chosen collection of security features; Advanced SystemCare can combat any threat that has already encompassed or is about to affect your system. Needless to say, a bunch of system utilities whose purposes are to correct vulnerabilities, check downloads and sharing options and other functions which add an additional layer of protection to your system have been packaged with Advanced System Care.


Advanced SystemCare Performance

Navigating away from windows performance issues is just a click away with the included utilities which correct registry entries, defrag partitions, and delete temporary files.


Basic and advanced optimization settings are available to provide different ways of speeding up your system. Advanced SystemCare includes an internet speed tweaking feature that can increase speed up to 300%. There are more than 20 smart utilities available for the daily maintenance of your computer. You can also select precompiled set of options which can bring Quick and Deep care of your computer.


Advanced SystemCare Privacy

The intuitive file shredder and the disk cleaner will make sure that no traces of deleted confidential files will be left in the system. Tweaks to clean browsing cache and delete temporary files are also available with options to do it on the go or scheduled during shutdown process.


The included malware detection utility is capable of blocking exploits and is constantly monitoring possible attacks from malicious websites. Lastly, the protected folder utility is there to give your files and folder an additional level of protection.


Advanced SystemCare One click fix

Windows can become a breeding ground of vulnerability issues and if not solved, this will only drive more possible problematic loopholes. Instead of tediously searching and correcting these issues, why not try the Advanced System Care’s one click vulnerability fix. Quick fixes are also available to correct shortcut errors, registry issues and a lot more.


Clean-up of empty folders, removal of residual files left from uninstalls and automated driver updates can also be activated with a single tick. Advance System care offers a wide array of one click solutions that are lifesavers especially to those who don’t have technical knowledge. Remember, troubleshooting and fixing computer is single click away with Advanced SystemCare Free Download. 




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