Get the latest version of Advanced System Care and enjoy a faster and secured computer. Advanced System Care brings you exciting new features and updates. The new metro-friendly design offers a much cleaner interface that is easy to navigate and use. We have added new utilities and improved the malware database to ensure that your computer is protected from the latest threats.  You can now sweep private information from 20+ applications. The new ManageMyMobile tool allows you to back-up, clean, manage and optimize your Android mobile device conveniently. With these exciting new features, it is surely a must for you to download Advance System Care now!

Download Advanced System Care

Software: Advanced SystemCare 7
Latest Version:
Date Updated: November 22, 2013
License: Freeware
OS Supported: Windows XP, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8

What’s the latest with Version

  • Better Privacy Sweeper – Wipe away confidential information and access history from 20+ commonly used PC applications.
  • Improved Duplicate File Scanner – One click removal of redundant files.
  • Manage My Mobile – a new feature which provides you the power over your mobile devices. Optimization, backing-up and cleaning of your Adroid mobile device is never this easy.
  • Metro Style UI – The new interface offers a clean and user-friendly environment. New icons, sleek look and a better typography.
  • New Home Page Protector – Malwares and browser plug-ins are now targeting homepages. Advanced System Care is here to protect you from these threats.
  • New Surfing Protector – Offers parental control, content filtering, secured browsing and a lot more.
  • New UAC Bypass Function – The User Access Control (UAC) is purportedly created to protect your system from unauthorized execution of files. Albeit this is good, it can somehow become inconvenient specially when executing legitimate programs. Use this option to bypass UAC instantly.
  • Robust Real Time Protector – Say goodbye to malwares and feel safe with the new and improve real time system protector. The utility is light yet powerful in protecting your system’s integrity.
  • Stronger Registry and Vulnerability Fixer – Stable performance and faster operational speed are the main goals of the much improved registry scanner and vulnerability fixer.
  • Support for Windows 8 – Yes, Advanced System Care now supports the latest member of the Windows Operating System family. Windows 8.1 users will surely love enhancing their computer’s performance.
  • Updated Driver Booster – Make sure that your PC is at paced with the latest drivers for your hardware. This new intuitive feature allows automated driver update that might have bug fixes and performance optimizations.
  • Updated Garbage File Cleaner – Clean your drives and optimize your computer’s performance. Cleans cache, temporary files, orphaned files and the like.
  • Updated Program Deactivation – Explore deeper into your system and free system resources by disabling unnecessary background applications.
  • Updated Uninstaller 3 – A more powerful uninstaller of browser plug-in and applications.
  • Up-to-date virus definition and malware database – A virus scanner is as strong as its virus definition database. Advance System Care brings you the latest updates to ensure 100% bulletproof security.
  • Windows 8 Start Menu Tweak – Surprisingly, Microsoft bid farewell from its beloved start menu. If you are a start menu lover, you can bring it back with this very simple one click tweak.